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Just Media LLC is teaming up with You Are Essential, Build Power, Black Lives Matter LA, Friends of Puvungna, Malikah, and others to bring Mutual Aid to Direct Action spaces.​ Sponsor Mutual Aid at an upcoming Direct Action event or donate to the general fund to distribute resources to underfunded projects.

  • Contribute in any $ amount

  • 100% of funds are used toward sponsoring goods for these events and running the program(s)

  • If an event has enough resources, your donation will be reassigned to the most similar cause in need

Select your cause by clicking the "donate" button below

Offer Aid

Share your skill as a healing practitioner, lead a workshop, volunteer to run a COVID safe event, donate food from your restaurant, provide care packages, etc.

Registration to Offer Aid

Be a Mutual Aid Facilitator - Tell us what you can give and serve that is not monetary.

Thanks for contacting us. We will get back to you shortly.

Offer Aid
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