Just Media LLC, is a social enterprise at the intersection of conflict resolution, crisis communications, and community organizing. 

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...is a future where we can all just be ourselves, without leaving any part of our whole at the door. The Problem is that none of us are free until all of us are free. None of us are free when some of us are in chains. 


...at Just Media is connecting communities through creative, transformative action to achieve collective liberation in our lifetimes.


...if we hold space to meet each other at our shared values, the relationships we build can bridge divides and close resource gaps in the movement to amplify justice.

Just Media is rooted in the belief that we can create beauty out of pain when we are free to live our truths. For me, that transformation requires a practice of cultural humility, radical authenticity, resilient vulnerability, and full transparency. 


I do my best to write how I speak how I live. 

Hi everybody, my name is Shannon Andrea Thomas.

I am the Founder and CEO of Just Media Inc., a certified Mediator, a scholar of historical trauma, an

anti-oppression Organizer, a Pro-Abolition Survivor, and a Left Defender on the soccer pitch. 


For those of you who care about such things, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from UC Berkeley with a double-major in Middle Eastern Studies and Peace & Conflict Studies before finishing my Masters in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, concentrating in International and Global Affairs and multiparty negotiations. 

World travel exposed me to my limitations as well as the awesome vastness of the Universe unfolding in small moments; He Who Shall Not Be Named being elected president made me my role in the international system... especially when I no longer believe in nation-states... or borders.


Future-writing Liberators like Dr. Melina Abdullah, Patrisse Cullors, Angela Davis, Mia Mingus, and adrienne maree brown have helped me begin to unlearn Institutional "Knowledge;" and yet, I'm still in search of my own truths, Ancestral Wisdom, and the best ways we can heal harms we've caused one another. 

To be honest, though, my CV says more about my privilege than my person. Seven-year-old Shannon wrote an autobiographical poem that’s pretty spot-on:



Shannon Thomas

Loves reading,

Likes writing,

Has friends,

Does pretty

art work,

Wants a 

lab dog,

Has a

really nice

family tree.


-September 1999

Speaking in the Harvard Kennedy School Forum

To learn more about Just Media and me, follow our never-ending story @ my Blog, Just Sayin.