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Just Media LLC, is an L.A.-based conflict resolution agency exercising transformative justice through "Pay-As-You-Can" Mediation services, crisis communications, and direct action strategy. 


Got conflict? Plan your next steps with a Strategy Consultation, get a quick assist with Crisis Management when you're in the thick of it, and Conflict Facilitation when you are creating sustainable solutions.

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Image by Henry Be

"I am excited to work with Shannon. She approaches what needs to be done in an intelligent and constructive manner, drawing on her experiences as an effective collaborator. She is gifted in sharing of ideas and her commitment to justice. I look forward to continue working with Shannon in the area of conflict resolution."


Rebecca Robles 

Acjachemen Tribal Culture Bearer

Mural of an Indigenous woman and bluebird in Colombia

Permanent Partnership:
Protect Puvungna

Protect Puvungna | Preserving Indigenous Sacred Spaces in California

Winning #LandBack for Indigenous Peoples is reparations; it is also how we demonstrate our gratitude for living and working in California. Puvungna is the birthplace of the Universe for Native Peoples of Southern California, including the Acjachemen, Tongva, Chumash, and other Tribal Nations. Cal State University Long Beach (CSULB) is built on 500 acres of this sacred space. The remaining 22-acre meadow is the last natural site where many of our neighbors can hold ceremony where their Ancestors are buried. CSULB has been trying to develop the lot since 1992 when they released plans to build a strip mall.


In 2020, Just Media partnered with Friends of Puvungna to build public pressure and improve the outcomes of a lawsuit settlement. Together, we built a coalition of 40+ Native and Environmental communities that pressured Governor Newsom and CSULB to officially return 10-acres of Puvungna to Indigenous Custodianship. Now that we have secured rights to the Land, we have an ongoing food program (Puvungna Care Baskets) during weekly site cleanups and are supporting inter communal healing efforts. As we build momentum, organizers are leading the process of re-imagining how to restore native plants and regenerate healthy ecosystems for the hawks, coyotes, poppies, people, and oak trees that call Puvungna home.

Tongva and Acjachemen elders meet with Governor Newsom at Puvungna
Image by Tim Mossholder

Shannon Andrea Thomas


Los Angeles, California

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