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“Torn: A Collection” Published by Mythos Magazine

April is National Poetry Month and — thanks to mentors setting a “merciful fire” under my ass — I began to loose my writing into the world.

Mythos Magazine’s Spring Edition on Lore was my first unsolicited submission, and my first acceptance.

The following trilogy unravels the disorienting tapestry of my family history, tracing its threads through Kerala to Texas, Mexico to New Orleans, in:

I heard myself called a Poet-Mediator for the first time last week while facilitating a Healing Justice Circle with Planned Parenthood. It fit like a bell.

Part of my reasoning for founding Just Media, a creative conflict resolution firm, is the belief that “peace“ is not the absence of violence, but the presence of justice, accountability, and the capacity to dream. Collective healing, for me, is inseparable from art.

After a lifetime of unanswerable origin questions, I quite like the simplicity.

“How do you identify?“


*Photography and art direction by Nogen Beck

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